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We are your partner in developing custom electronic and software products. No matter if

  • Time-Critical Embedded Systems
  • Electronic Chips (FPGA & ASIC ICs)
  • USB Electronic Devices
  • PCI cards for PC / Mac
  • Pro Audio Electronics & Software
  • Mobile Phone Applications
  • Multi-Platform PC / Mac Workstation Software
  • Websites and Content Management Systems or
  • Mainframe Server & Cluster Applications
We can handle for you the complete design and engineering process in all aspects (concept, visual design, electronic and software engineering, web presentation, graphic design and product advertising artwork). You have got the product idea, and we deliver you the final complete product, ready to sale!

We offer you optimized solutions for your individual requirements. In contrast to other suppliers, we are not limited to a small set of solutions using few specific development frameworks, electronic components, programming languages or operating systems. For the benefit of our customers, we provide you with many years of professional experience in a large set of engineering and design solutions and we are constantly extending our know-how with new technological developments.

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