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There is a huge set of technologies and possibilities to provide web services. We are not limited to few specific solutions, instead we always pick the most appropriate one for your business in close communication with you. Here is a rough list of typical solutions:

  • Static Content Websites
    Websites with more or less just simple, static web content (e.g. pure HTML files), are often suitable especially for small businesses. The development efforts of such websites are mostly limited to Graphic Design and visual layout of the site and thus suitable for even smallest budgets. Static websites are usually used in cases where the content of the website is rarely modified, or only by one or very few employees of your company. This solution however demands a bit of knowledge in HTML from your employees, in case they should maintain the content of the website. However we can also maintain the website content for you if desired.
  • Dynamic Pages and Servlets
    Such solutions are often used as extension to already existing websites, that may just have static content so far. It allows certain areas of your website to be rendered dynamically by the web server. For example it may be used on the website of a library to let the customers search for books and display their status, whether they are currently available in the library or borrowed by somebody. It can also be used to simply provide a contact form or other communication facilities that allow your customers to give feedback to you. Typical implementations for dynamic pages and servlets are using PHP, JSP, Perl or Java. We can also extend and maintain already existing dynamic pages of your websites which were created by other parties before.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    This solution is usually used in medium and large sized companies. It allows your employees to login into a dedicated member area of your website, where they can conveniently edit the website content, add new pages, etc. without requiring any knowledge in web technologies like HTML or CSS. There are various different CMS solutions available. Typical solutions are based on Drupal or Typo 3, which can also be used for smaller budgets, up to custom developed CMS environments developed for very specific requirements of your company.
  • Native Web Services
    Under certain conditions it makes sense to develop some of your services as native web services. They are typically developed in a lower level programming language like C / C++, need more effort to be developed, since various security aspects need to be taken more carefully than with other solutions, however such native solutions provide maximum speed and performance and thus are a good solution if you expect a very high load on your web server.

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