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Software is all around us. Whether quite obvious while working in front of a PC or while gathering informations through a cell phone, or rather unconscious while using a toaster in the morning. We develop software for all operating systems, architectures, hardware, frameworks and programming languages.

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, iOS, Symbian, Android, Firefox OS and many more.
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Fortran, C#, Swift, LUA, Python, Pascal, Delphi, Basic, PHP, JSP, Perl, Tcl, various shell script languages, various Assembler flavors, various SQL database query language flavors (i.e. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL) and many more.
  • Architectures: x86, ARM, PPC, Sparc, ia64, Alpha, S390, MIPS, M68k, various microcontrollers, DSPs and many more.
  • Disciplines: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Real-Time Systems, Operating System Design & Development, Hardware Device Drivers, Control & Feedback Control Systems, Embedded Systems, Pro Audio and Music Applications, Digital Filter Design, Backends and GUI Frontends, Distributed Systems, Server and Mainframe Server Applications, OpenGL, 3D Rendering, 3D Shader, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, Database Design, Speech Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Language Design, Compiler and Virtual Machine Development and much more.
We can already look back to a professional history in software engineering of more than one decade, in a very wide field of technologies and customers, where we developed high quality software products from time-critical embedded systems and workstation tools for large scale corporations, to security-critical distributed mainframe server software for governmental institutions.

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