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No matter if prototype, small series or large scale serial production, a IC chip specifically designed for your purpose can be a perfect electronic component for your product. It can reduce the size of your electronic boards and reduce production costs. In some applications it is even necessary to develop custom IC chips, e.g. to fulfill certain timing, speed or low power consumption requirements, which often cannot be fulfilled by other alternatives like microcontrollers or Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). And even though the market is full of Application Specific IC (ASIC) chips ready to use for even exotic applications, often they are too expensive e.g. in aspect of the purposes they provide.

We can provide you the service of designing IC chips for your individual requirements. And don't worry; you don't need a budget of hundred thousands or even millions to get your custom IC chips anymore. Even for very small projects and prototypes there are inexpensive solutions, e.g. by applying a custom IC design to a FPGA chip. Later on, when you turn into a larger scale serial production, the same IC design can then simply be re-used for manufacturing ASIC chips, which will reduce your production costs per piece in mass production.

We can also maintain your already existing IC designs in VHDL and Verilog, fix issues, optimize complexity, speed and power consumption and extend your ASIC designs with new functionalities and features.

Don't hesitate to contact us whether a custom designed IC chip might make sense for your product! We can inform you about feasability, costs and frankly discuss with you solutions or alternatives.

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