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2D Graphic Design is used for most professional graphics and animations published worldwide. All the 2D graphics we create are made in digital form from point one, using standardized vector graphic formats. This solution combines the creative artistic benefits of hand drawn illustrations with the high quality and flexibility of a computer aided digital platform. In a vector graphic file, the image is not stored as a set of dots or pixels, instead it is stored in a more abstract, higher level way, e.g. it stores images as a set of lines and curves, where actually only the start and end points of those lines, and the degree and shape of curves are stored by describing it mathematically. Similar abstract informations are stored for more complex filled shapes.

The greatest benefit of this solution is that one can easily modify the images to the very last detail at any time, and one can render it in arbitrary resolution. So no matter if a vector graphic was originally created for a small mobile phone screen with a resolution of only e.g. 480 x 300 pixels, you can use the same vector graphic file later on for printing a huge 16 meter x 10 meter banner for an exhibition booth in perfect resolution, sharpness and overall quality!

We create vector graphics for all kinds of scenarios, from small logos to big graphical scenes. From high gloss printed brochures, graphical skins for software user interfaces to animated digital creatures, we deliver all the graphics you need.

You have questions about our graphical design services? Don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to give you answers and suggestions for your scenario!

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