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Success of a product strongly depends on how well the Product Design was elaborated before even starting to work on the first prototype. We help you by immediately turning your ideas into visual realistic sketches, like for example illustrated below.

Visual concepts like the example above, can be created in less than an hour, if necessary even quickly during a meeting with you. Visual concepts help to sort out misapprehensions between you and engineers, which will turn them later into actual prototypes, as well as they help you to focus your ideas and extend them more and more precisely to the very last detail. Our engineers can give immediate feedback about feasability and cost factor of certain product features or show up alternative approaches in turn. This not only safes a lot of money when reaching prototype or even production phase, it also safes a huge amount of time on the way to the final product.

Product Design is not just limited to the optical appearance of your product of course. This is only one aspect, a very important one though. Many other aspects are handled in this phase as well, like e.g. selecting electronic and mechanical components, calculating production costs, estimating development time and identifying potential risks. Overall usability aspects, which also include very detailled software features, are handled at this stage as well.

Another very important application of product design is creating a business plan, which is a requirement when asking financial or governmental institutions or private investors for financial support for your project. A good product design is a key factor for convincing your potential business partners.

There is a product idea on your mind and you don't know where to start? Don't hesitate to contact us, we handle your ideas discretely and give you answers and hints how to turn your idea into a real product.

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