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The Software Development Kit of JACK for iOS is a zip archive file with the following content:

  • Xcode framework bundle (contains static iOS library and header files).
  • Several full working JACK example apps as Xcode projects (with full source code), ready to be compiled and tested.

If you are about to add support for JACK to an already existing iOS app, you can simply unpack the archive file to some arbitrary location on your Mac, drag jack.framework into your existing Xcode project, and you are ready to add the required C code and compile your app with JACK support.

If you are starting a new app, you might consider using one of the example apps coming with the SDK as starting point, and replace it with your own code. You can simply open one of the example apps with Xcode 4 or higher, and build & run it on iOS devices immediately with one click.

License Terms

The JACK iOS SDK is released under specific copyright and license terms. You are permitted to use the SDK for commercial apps.

JACK iOS is free and open source. Refer to the JACK iOS License Terms for the exact copyright, usage & license conditions for all individual software components. Everybody is invited to review the source code and to improve JACK iOS under the given open source license terms.

When distributing your iOS App in binary form with JACK support (i.e. on the Apple App Store) you MUST use the precompiled version of the JACK iOS SDK already provided in binary form by the link below, to comply with the license terms. This constraint of the JACK iOS SDK license terms was added intentionally, to avoid numerous forked versions of the JACK iOS client library - modified by 3rd parties - to cause conflicts in the JACK environment. We still invite you though to improve JACK, discuss and provide us your patches, i.e. on the web forum or on the official JACK audio developers maling list.

API Docs

You can find the full documentation of the JACK iOS API here.

Please note that the JACK iOS API currently differs to some extent, compared to the JACK API on other operating systems. The documentation here is exclusively focused on the iOS version of JACK. For other systems please refer to the documentation on


We provided prerendered images of the JACK iOS icon in various resolutions, which you may download and include with your apps, on your websites or articles.


You can download the latest JACK iOS SDK from the following location:

    Version of the JACK iOS Software Development Kit.
    (Updated 2013-06-07)
JACK is also available for other operating systems. Find out more on You are an app developer and added support for JACK to one of your apps? Let us know, so we can add you to the list of supported apps and inform JACK users about it.

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