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What does more make sense than bringing 3D objects alive? As part of our software engineering services we do exactly this. We develop three dimensional software for all kind of use cases. And since we have 3D artists and 3D software developers joined at the same spot, we know exactly how to create professional 3D software products the right way.

Like in any 3D design project, the first step in creating a 3D software, is creating all required individual objects in three dimensional coordinates. Thus creating i.e. non-organic objects like furnitures, cars, buildings, landscapes, as well as organic objects like humans, animals, plants, fictive creatures like aliens, monsters and everything else that might be needed for your 3D software scenes. We can design such objects from scratch, or also might convert your already existing 3D models from various kinds of 3D formats, i.e. including designs of your real products in industrial CAD formats.

The created 3D objects are then converted into a special data format that is going to be used in the final 3D software product. This is where the software engineering aspects take over the development process. Besides simply integrating 3D object models into the final software, object materials need to be defined and optimized, i.e. by developing so called custom shaders, so that the objects will look as realistic as possible on one hand and that the final software performs efficient and fluently on the other hand. The latter is adjusted dependent on the target platform. That is, if the software is to be deployed on a modern PC or Mac, more realistic shaders and more complex models are used than on mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

3D is typically used in games nowadays. However 3D not only makes sense in games, it is more and more also used in regular software applications to make the software more ergonomic and easy to use for end customers. Of course we gladly help you deciding whether a 3D approach makes sense for your software product requirements. We inform you about required modelling and programming time, the costs involved and solutions for your specific case.

You have questions about our 3D software development services? Don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to give you answers and suggestions for your scenario!

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