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Sphyro is an abstract 3D strategy game for mobile phones. Two players built up a pyramid by placing spheres on a game board. The player who is able to place the last sphere on the peak of the pyramid wins the game. Some very few rules make this goal tricky and challenging to achieve. In this game 3D is not just eye candy, it is essential foundation of the game principle! Tip and slide on the screen to rotate the view in all three dimensional angles. If your device provides a multi touch screen, use two fingers to zoom in and out. Play locally against friends, against the computer or against people all over the Internet. Compete with the world and improve your world ranking position. Do you make it into the top ten?

Note: Sphyro 3D has been discontinued.


Sphyro is currently available for the following mobile phones and tablet devices. In case you encounter any problems while playing this game, please report it to us by using the feedback link at the end of this page.

  • Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
    You can get Sphyro through iTunes from the Apple App Store. Sphyro supports full graphics resolution of the iPad 3 and iPhone 4 / 4S Retina displays. Note that you need at least iOS 3.1 or later to be able to use this app.
  • Nokia phones (Symbian):
    For Nokia devices which run the Symbian operating system, you can get Sphyro from the Nokia OVI store. Latest Symbian 3 devices like the N8 are also supported. Note that Sphyro is only available for devices with touch screen at the moment. Sphyro is distributed on OVI store by our partner Bitimpress.
  • Nokia phones and PDAs (Maemo):
    Sphyro is also available for Nokia devices which run the Maemo operating system (like the N900). You can download it from the Nokia OVI store.
  • Android devices:
    For mobile phones and tablet devices (like the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy Tab) which run the Android operating system, you can get Sphyro from the Android Market. Note that Sphyro is only available for Android devices with touch screen so far.
Your phone is not supported yet? Don't hesitate to write us by using the feedback link at the end of this page.


Top 20

This is the current world Top 20 (top) and the latest 20 score games (below), as a result of Internet "score" games with the Sphyro app:

3wat er...3023765
9dmitry fokin108215
Primary criteria for the world ranking is the difference between won and lost games. In case some users have the same difference of won and lost games, then the second criteria of total achieved points is taken into account. Users collect points by the difference of spheres with which they win (or lose) a game. So by winning a game, a user usually earns positive points. By losing a game, the user usually receives negative points. However, note that the points are calculated by taking the disadvantage of the white player into account. That is, if the black player wins a game by just one sphere ahead for example, both players got 0 points!

Player 1Player 2ResultEnded
SnubbleJrVidromar1:02481 days 18:08:21 (hh:mm:ss) ago
Niklaus72yutca10:102994 days 05:12:00 (hh:mm:ss) ago
yutcaNiklaus721:02994 days 05:14:55 (hh:mm:ss) ago
Niklaus72yutca11:112994 days 05:20:49 (hh:mm:ss) ago
rereGuest00011:03403 days 05:38:48 (hh:mm:ss) ago
rereGuest00010:33403 days 05:47:22 (hh:mm:ss) ago
Guest0001rere3:03403 days 05:53:37 (hh:mm:ss) ago
Guest0001rere4:03403 days 05:59:27 (hh:mm:ss) ago
rereGuest808910:93404 days 00:36:44 (hh:mm:ss) ago
leleGuest808914:143427 days 23:55:39 (hh:mm:ss) ago
PIPPISOFLYGuest79875:03577 days 13:31:04 (hh:mm:ss) ago
Guest7988Guest79873:03598 days 11:44:13 (hh:mm:ss) ago
milewWILLBER1:03674 days 10:49:05 (hh:mm:ss) ago
WILLBERmilew12:113674 days 10:52:04 (hh:mm:ss) ago
WILLBERmilew0:23674 days 10:52:18 (hh:mm:ss) ago
WILLBERmilew0:33674 days 10:55:24 (hh:mm:ss) ago
milewWILLBER1:03674 days 10:58:02 (hh:mm:ss) ago
milewWILLBER0:23674 days 11:01:46 (hh:mm:ss) ago
milewWILLBER2:03674 days 11:04:58 (hh:mm:ss) ago
milewWILLBER0:23674 days 11:16:37 (hh:mm:ss) ago

Note: Sphyro 3D has been discontinued.


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