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New audio app with focus on pad sounds, from thin to ultra wide!

Colossus Piano

Audio app with state-of-the-art virtual pianos, 8 acoustic piano models, 5 E-Piano legends, 30 GB!

Heavy Brass

Audio app dedicated to realistic Trumpet, Saxophone and Trombone sounds.

iSymphonic Orchestra

The ultimate orchestra sound app for sophisticated musicians, providing superb, extremely realistic and stunning orchestra sounds for your iPad, instantly with the first key being pressed by you on your connected MIDI keyboard.

CMP Grand Piano

The second best sounding Piano App in the Apple App Store (after Colossus Piano), and the very first App in general, which is utilizing real-time disk streaming, to access a sound material of more than 1.7 GB in size.

Oriental Strings

A virtual sound module app for oriental keyboard players and for musicians who simply want to resemble the typical sound of the Middle East in their songs.

iCathedral Organ

Play with the sound of a huge pipe organ from a real cathedral! This app provides you control to all individual registers of such a pipe organ and delivers you all sound variants you expect from a church organ.

MIDI Wrench

The Swiss army knife for your daily MIDI setup tasks. Use your mobile device as MIDI monitor, or as MIDI keyboard controller. And the best: it's free!

Discontinued Apps

JACK Audio Connection Kit

Complete connectivity solution for audio & musical apps on iOS. Provides audio & MIDI connections between apps, playback/record synchronization of DAW and sequencer apps, an intuitive graphical app to control and monitor conections and settings of the entire environment and much more ...

Sphyro 3D

Abstract 3D board game which allows to view the game board from all three dimensional angles and zoom levels by just wiping on the screen and pinch-zooming with two fingers.

Checkers Lounge 3D

One of the most famous board games as true 3D game for mobile devices. It provides artificial intelligence with selectable difficulty levels for matches against the computer. The game can also be played against random people all over the world by using an Internet connection.


The first augmented reality app for mobile devices which assists you playing on a real billiard table by processing the device's camera images in real-time. This app demonstrates modern computer vision technology. Real billiard tables are recognized, perspective distortion compensated and resulting informations overlayed on screen.


Turns your phone into a virtual mouth which tracks your speech and animates the selected virtual mouth on the screen in realtime accordingly to your voice. This app demonstrates some of our graphical artwork and animation skills.

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