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Privacy Policy
for Mobile Apps

We take your privacy very seriously. Since we have very high expectations about how others shall keep our privacy, we guarantee to handle your privacy by the same very high standard. This privacy policy defines how Crudebyte uses and protects any information that you provide to Crudebyte when you use our mobile Apps. Crudebyte is committed to ensure that your privacy is protected. You can be assured that we will only collect, store, process and forward informations with our mobile software applications in accordance with this privacy statement. Crudebyte may change its privacy policy from time to time by updating this page. This policy is effective since 2012-05-26.

Anti-Spy Commitment

None of our apps contain so called „spy” behaviors. Unless not consciously desired and initiated by the user, Crudebyte apps are not accessing any of the user's personal files, nor scanning the device's file system, nor does any app access other personal informations like user's real name, postal address, contacts, Internet browser history, pictures or memo. Furthermore Crudebyte apps are not „sniffing” any user input, network packets or other data intended for foreign applications.

Informations we collect

In general we are only collecting data which are directly required for the purpose of the respective app and which were consciously provided by the user, for example:

  • user name and password which the user consciously defines for authenticating himself for online games or other online services with our apps
  • avatar image the user consciously selected for representing himself to other players
  • other informations which are directly required for maintaining obvious Internet services of our apps (e.g. results of „score games” in Internet games which are used to render a public visible high score table).
As exceptions to this general guideline, we may also collect the following informations without explicit notice to the user, in case the app uses one of our online services:
  • general mobile device informations like for example: device manufacturer and model, operating system type, operating system version, unique ID of the mobile device
  • app version number (e.g. „v1.2.8”)
  • selected native language on device (e.g. English, German, French, ...)
  • Internet IP address of mobile device
General mobile device informations are only collected by us for statistical purposes. We need them for deciding on which mobile devices to concentrate our development efforts. In the same statistical way we use the selected language informations for deciding in which languages to translate our apps. The unique device ID is required to prevent counting the same device several times for such statistics. The Internet IP address is collected for security reasons, that is for protecting our Internet services and other users of our apps against severe malicious misusage or even illegal attempts like manipulation, intrusion or sabotage against our Internet servers or against other user's mobile devices.

Informations we forward to third parties

in case the app includes visible commercial advertising banners and the user clicks on such an advertising banner, the IP address and probably general device informations (like stated above) and language are forwarded to our respective advertising partner. These informations are in general required by advertising partners as minimum proof that a commercial advertising link was actually viewed and hit by a real person.

Protection of Anonymity

All informations we collect are stored in a way which does not allow us to associate a collected information with a real person, unless the user consciously decides to reveal personal informations (e.g. the user decides to use his real name as user name in online games). Note however that some informations like a collected Internet IP address might indeed be used by a higher executive institution (police) in cases of criminial prosecution to resolve real person informations.

Full Transparency

We tried to make this privacy policy statement as short as possible and as clear as necessary at the same time, and explicitly avoided usage of complicated legal terms and definitions, to ensure that our privacy commitment is understood by our end customers and not only by lawyers. Obviously this may cause certain details to remain unclear. If you have any questions abour our privacy policy or specific informations we collected, you can send us your questions at any time.

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