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MouthPot turns your phone into a virtual mouth which tracks your speech and animates the selected virtual mouth on the screen in realtime accordingly to your voice. Place your mobile phone in front of your mouth and speak, sing or scream into it. Surprise family and friends and have lots of fun! 15 different kinds of fully animated mouths are provided, ranging from beautiful, lovely, funny to scary. What is it good for? Good question, we are still thinking about that. As soon as we know we will tell you. No really!

This app supports HD, that is it supports the full resolution of the iPhone 4 / 4S Retina display.

Note: MouthPot has been discontinued.



MouthPot is currently available for the following mobile phones and tablet devices. In case you encounter any problems while using this app, please report it to us by using the feedback link at the end of this page.

Your phone is not supported yet? Don't hesitate to write us by using the feedback link below.

Note: MouthPot has been discontinued.


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